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League Rules

Division 1 (Int - B, BB, A) <-- Click for PDF

Intermediate League rules reference both USAV 2013-2015 and California Beach Volleyball regulations.  For a more complete and recent official beach volleyball rules visit the links provided below.  

USAV Beach Volleyball Rules 

California Beach Volleyball Association Rules (CBVA)

Below you will find some major calls that are always in question:  
For a full version of the rules please utilize the pdf link above.


CBVA - 12.4.5: 
A contact of the ball with two hands, using the fingers to direct the ball, is a set. A player may set the ball in any direction towards his/her team's court, provided that the ball is contacted simultaneously by both hands and does not visibly come to rest.  
CBVA - 12.4.6: 
Rotation of the ball after the set may indicate a held ball or multiple contacts during the set, but in itself is not a fault. 
Being able to read the name brand on the ball is a sign of a good set. "No Sonic the Hedgehog Spins or Helicopter Spins"
CBVA - 12.4.7: 
When contacting the ball with one hand, it must be cleanly hit with the heel or palm of the hand (a "roll shot"), with straight, locked fingertips (a "cobra"), knurled fingers (a "camel toe") or back of the hand from the wrist to the knuckles.  One handed placement or redirection of the ball with the fingers (a "dink" or "open handed tip") is a fault. 


CBVA - 14.3:
It is a fault for a player to net when either momentum causes them to touch the net, even after the ball hits the ground. (This is considered continuation of play). 
For Exceptions see full version of rules

Division 2 (Rec, C) <-- Click for PDF

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